Retro Sunday: Finland 1964

Oh, Finland. How we love you. There’s always something about that country that makes you happy, whether it’s one of its most charming men, one of the funny rhythms that they tend to serve you or just the ever so amusing language. That’s why today we bring you one of our favorites from the land of the thousand lakes and the ten thousands of hotties:

Fortunately we’re not old enough to possibly have been able to experience this live. But God knows we wish we were. Because OMG, mr Mårtenson, whatta man you were back then. Whatta voice, whatta smoking, whatta bow tie, whatta look, whatta brylcreemy hairdo. Don Draper go home and good evening Finland. Just add the fact that this song is some Jim Reevesy classic, and there’s really not more to say.

As the sweet Danish presenter Lotte Wæver, can tell us, this song is about that Sunday morning when the alarm clock doesn’t set off. Don’t know what else this man says, but don’t really care either. If we were to spend a Sunday morning with him, not a hundred alarm clocks would get us out of bed. Enjoy <3

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