Oh dear Didrik

Aaah, Didrik. Not again. Please don’t show up in the media one more time telling us how you know what to do when your brand new album flops. And how you were afraid of winning Eurovision because of the money it would cost Norway and how you don’t think you will have a pop music career. What are we supposed to do? Feel sorry for you? Now that won’t sell any records.

We are just so tired of all your twaddle. We can’t be bothered to hear your whining anymore. And we can’t be bothered to make yet another remark about it. We actually find ourselves at the point where we really wish you stood up for yourself, telling us what you are good at, DOING what you are good at. Which certainly isn’t blabbering away to journalists.

We are so on the verge here now that we really want you to find yourself. Just do it fast and a little less painful, will you?


  1. what is your problem, witches? both so evil and embittered. Didrik is a great young man:) don`t worry so much, he can handle his life and career 😉 because he is a likeable and very talented person 🙂 shame on you, the Norwegians who envy him! good advice – support him. be proud of your nice, pleasant and talented artist! greetings from Estonia.

  2. Hello anonymous Estonian person! So you think that just because we come from the same country as Didrik we should support him? This blog is about sharing opinions, and it’s a free country you know, everyone is entitled to like or dislike anybody regardless of what reason. And if you read our other blogposts you will find out that we both like and praise lots of other ESC artists, both from Norway and other countries.

    Thank you for your advice, but we’re not gonna take you up on that. Didrik did a lousy job in ESC and is doing a lousy job now trying to make it as an artist releasing his first album. If you read Norwegian newspapers and watch Norwegian TV perhaps you would also see that he doesn’t exactly come a cross as very nice, nor pleasant or talented. At least in our point of view!

    But, please, feel free to keep on supporting him, we’re sure Didrik appreciates having fans in Estonia:-)

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