There has been quite a few people up on their feet in Norway today, raising and collecting money for The Norwegian Refugee Council, this year’s beneficiary for the annual NRK broadcasted event. The Telethon has taken place every fall since 1974 and has become an institution and a tradition in Norway. A very worthy cause and we hope all our fellow Norwegians have taken the opportunity to dig deep into their well filled pockets.

Former ESC host Haddy N’jie is also hosting the TV-show today and we are yet again super impressed, she does an excellent job! And it seems like we are not quite over the Eurovision fever we caught when hosting the big event earlier this year. Just take a look at this video, made by the comedians Bye & Rønning, in an attempt to get even more people off the couch when one of the over 90 000 volunteers carrying a collection box comes knocking on the door. The Glow parody is right on the money, so to speak, and very funny. And if you look closely you can even spot a few ESC celebs on those couches!

If you wish to give a donation, you can find more information here.

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