Retro Sunday: Denmark 2000

Inspired by the fact that we are going to watch our first Danish national final live next February, we started digging trough old DMGP material, to see if we could discover some hidden gems for you. And blimey, there’s plenty of those to go around!

Like this one, from 10 years back. The Danes decided to send another song to ESC and as we all recall that went pretty well, but we absolutely adore Sanne Gottlieb’s “Uden deg” (Without you) which finished third in the national final. What a confident and strong performance, she looks smashing, and don’t even get us started on that skirt. She proves that she gets what Eurovision is all about by waltzing around the stage in that totally over the top diva fab outfit! We are seriously considering showing up at Ballerup Super Arena with matching yellow skirts as a homage to this lovely lady.

And the song is lovely too. It’s like a dash of the soundtrack from the 80’s Danish movie Buster’s World mashed up with a tiny bit of the 90’s classic Missing by Everything But the Girl, which all brings good memories to mind. And it doesn’t at all sound outdated like some many other ESC entries from around the turn of the millennium. How very delightful and well worth a replay!

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