Düsseldorf anno 2011

So, word’s finally out and confirmed that we’re going to Düsseldorf next year. Leaving the dream of Berlin behind, GEE has now finally learned where this place actually is located, and here’s a couple of reasons Düsseldorf anno 2011 will be fun, or not so fun:

Fun facts:

  • Düsseldorf has a very large Japanese community, which means loads of good sushi for us.
  • It is not so far away from Frankfurt, and there’s a lot of cheap flights to Frankfurt if we can’t find one to Düsseldorf.
  • The name is pretty fun to pronounce. And being Norwegians we’re probably better at it than the British and such. Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Düsseldorf.
  • We have never been to Düsseldorf before, and we never would have gone there either, if it hadn’t been for Eurovision. So lots of new stuff to explore and experience!
  • The stadium can house an audience of 54 400 people. Pretty amazing.
  • If you remember the Flash Mob, you will remember they can dance there.
  • With just over half a million inhabitants, it is small enough to be entirely marked by Eurovision during the Eurovision weeks. And then we won’t lose track of each other either. Nice and cozy.
  • The town is famous for fashion fairs. Should be good when we need yet another dress for yet another event.
  • It is one of Germany’s wealthiest cities with a lot of rich business people to buy poor GEE bloggers a drink or five.
  • Rheinuferpromenade is supposedly a street full of cafes along the Rhein. And Mediahafen is filled with contemporary architecture and bars. Now, that’s where you’ll find us.
  • There’s good beer in Germany. So probably there’s good beer in Düsseldorf. That’s the most important, really.

Not so fun facts:

  • It is not Berlin. And we love Berlin.
  • It doesn’t exactly scream of fun, does it… It sounds like one of those boring, German cities that we never really knew much about – couldn’t even look it up on a map, they all sound like the same to us, sort of.
  • It will probably be a nightmare finding a cheap and decent place to stay, the hotel prices have already sky rocketed.
  • We can only tell our friends we’re going to… Düsseldorf, not very trendy, nor glamourous.
  • Even though the arena can house 54 400 people, it will only be open for 24 000 spectactors during Eurovision. What, do they think Eurovision fans are like twice as big as other people? How very offensive of them.
  • It is not Berlin, or yeah, did we already mention that? Oh well, suppose we just need to get over it.

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