Retro Sunday: France 1977

Germany’s success this year will hopefully inspire the rest of the Big 4 bunch to actually consider choosing a good song for next year’s contest. Like France did 33 years ago:

It’s been a while since France’s last victory, alltough we need to do them justice by mentioning that they have come close many times with amazing songs and stunning performances. However Marie Myriam was the last one to take the victory home and she was indeed a very deserving winner. We love her confident performance where she just trusts her own abilities and the superb quality of the song.

Numerous artists have covered this song in different languages, among them, one of our favorite ESC participants ever, Birthe Kjær from Denmark. We much prefer the original in French, but when the song can sound almost equally good in one of the strangest languages in the world, it tells us that this is one of the true classics. Forget shouty dance routines, bring back the fab Frenchness of the grand ballad!

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