Andorra will not return to Eurovision 2011

Sadly, according to the group “Andorra to Eurovision Germany 2011” on Facebook, it has now been confirmed that Andorra will not take part in ESC in 2011. If you know Catalan you can read more about the decision in this news-article.

We have previously pointed out the importance of big nations like Italy returning to Eurovision, but we are equally strong supporters of the smaller nations to participate as well. It is such a shame that Andorra for the second year in a row is forced to withdraw due to economical reasons, cause this makes us all poorer. Since their debut in 2004 they have been a breath of fresh air, giving us charming performances from Anonymous and darling Susanne Georgi. They have introduced one more language on stage and added flavor and spice with crazy outfits and erm… interesting choreography. Andorra FTW and please come back soon!

If you are keen on bringing Andorra back to Eurovision and wish to receive news about this matter you can join the above mentioned Facebook group.

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