Retro Sunday: Spain 1991

ESC 2010 was a long string of more or less forgettable ballads. A few decent ones allright, but when a ballad lacks passion and achy breaky hearts and all that stuff, it sort of just falls flat on the ground. So this week’s Retro Sunday is a tribute to one of those truly memorable ballads, that is still standing strong some almost 20 years down the line:

With a song only lasting for about 2:30, this quintessential Latino Lover kept it short and sweet, following one of the most important recipes for success; always leave the crowd wanting more. Cause how can we get enough of his amazing smile and soft, dark brown Bambi eyes, perfectly contrasted by his sexy whiskey voice? Watching this today, it almost feels a bit over the top, but we can tell you one thing, that was not the case back in 91 when we where in junior high, if you catch our drift. So Spain, how about you giving us something similar to drool over in Germany next year, that’s actually kind of what we expect of you every year, you know!

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