DMGP 2011

In ESC history, Denmark is one of our absolute favorite countries. We love their happy go lucky tunes and buckets of charm that puts a big smile on our faces, thinking that life’s one big party. There’s just something about those Danes that simply appeal to us Norwegians, that makes us want to join them instead of beating them. Sort of. That was until this year when they showed up in Oslo with some trash they picked up in Sweden and a grumpy welder and his Hello Kitty doll. Wtf was that all about?

It’s time for Denmark to restore faith in us all, we’ll be gracious enough to give them one more shot. And since half of GEE has moved to Copenhagen for the year, we’ll have the chance to follow DMGP 2011 closely, covering the events and sharing our thoughts and opinions with you dear readers along the way.

The deadline for submitting songs expired last Monday and according to DR’s website 663 contributions came in. A secret jury will pick 6 songs from this bunch and the lineup in the final in February will be completed by DR inviting 4 songwriters on wildcards. This is all very exciting we must say! So far some of the competing songwriters have been revealed, among them Christina Schilling (behind Hera Björk’s runner-up hit “Someday” in DMGP 2009 and the Ireland’s ESC entry in 2009) and Claus Christensen (the man behind Denmark’s ESC entry “Drama Queen” back in 2007).

We won’t bore you with too much details and facts, which have all been pretty much covered in a bunch of other blogs and websites already. But when the songs and the artists to perform them have been selected, we’ll let you know what we think about it all, don’t you worry! We are mirthfully sharpening our pencils as we speak…

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