Retro Sunday: Happy birthday Marcin with Israel 1999

Today’s Retro Sunday is dedicated to our favorite Polish man. Or how about our fav man period? Because today is in fact Marcin Mrozinski’s birthday. Yay and hooray and congratulations!

And from both of us to all of you, Marcin, here’s a couple of Israeli blokes wishing you Happy Birthday.

OK, so it’s probably not the best song that ever participated in Eurovision. But it’s one of those songs that are just in it for the fun. That make you smile and jump around and forget about all the trouble you’ve seen. And that’s really what a birthday song should do. Also, we do know you get the concept of both fun and boybands.

Look at all those happy faces, thinking they are just the coolest guys on earth for bringing techno into Eurovision. Well, we have to say we’re kinda happy that didn’t set off completely, but it did secure Israel a good 5th place and us a bit of a happy moment. And mind you, they do have their own Macarenaish dance, which is very good for succeeding in this contest in GEE’s opinion. A little brushing up and they would have been fine.

So, Marcin, best of wishes. It’s your party and we do wish you a fabulous day. Remember to thank your mother from us :*

(And for all of you lucky bastards that are not so far away from Warsaw, rush off to the ROMA Theater to see Marcin starring as Marius in Les Miserables. Should be very enjoyable).


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