X-Factor ready to be Eurovisionized

Ok, here’s the deal, glamourous GEE blogger girls have better things to do on a Friday night than hiding behind a pillow trying not to watch self-absorbed teenagers ridicule themselves on national TV. We have a life you know, friends to see, places to be, G&T’s to be consumed. At least that was the case until the new season of Norwegian X-Factor introduced good old Eurovision Queen Bettan “Bobbysocks” Andreassen as one of the judges on the show. And now it turns out that she has invited Alexander Rybak as a sidekick when selecting the finalists in the “over 25” group. OMG! Seems like all our Friday nights in the weeks to come suddenly became all booked up… Stay tuned peeps!

Will this lovely couple find Norway’s next superstar? Hell yes!

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