Didrik and the ostriches

OMG, we really can’t believe Norway is still wondering why Didrik Solli-Tangen didn’t win ESC this year. But as we try to make people see the notion of quality, another question of ridicule hits us wham in the face: Why didn’t Didrik’s new single “Best Kept Secret” reach the top 20 or iTunes top 100? Seems like everyone are just super shocked Didrik didn’t make money doing what he doesn’t like doing. Wow, can you not just participate in ESC and then become a super star no matter what you sing? Really?

Take the musical manager of Norway’s largest music radio channel Petre, Mats Borch Bugge, for instance.He thinks the single isn’t selling online because people rather would buy the whole digital album when it’s released. Er, sorry, what? Those tendencies are new to us. Along with Norway largest radio channel P1, Borch Bugge also confirms he won’t be playing Didrik’s album on air, but still he thinks it’s gonna sell? Come on, what desert is your head buried in, man?

While Didrik tells us he doesn’t care about the reception of the song (could see that coming), Universal’s only comment is that the single isn’t selling, basta cosi. And Didrik’s manager Eivind Grøstad is again showing his brilliance telling us they have to work really hard to get air time on radio and that they have to compete with international artists. Oh, good luck with that, hon.

So what should we learn from this? Definetly that quality and dedication is needed, not just a free pass to participation in ESC and some so called good friends. And perhaps also that Per Sundnes doesn’t have that sense of quality and that we do hope Eivind Grøstad never will be manager of anything we care about.

Enough with the ostrich mentality here, people. Didrik sucks. Get over it.


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