What great expectations? The Netherlands and their 3Js

We’re approaching Eurovision season and GEE can’t wait. What treats will be presented to us this year? Well, again we don’t see them coming from Netherlands, that’s pretty sure.

WTF are you looking at? Do you think we LIKE Eurovision?

Boybands have never been GEE’s cup of coffee, but at least we know this much: They’re supposed to consist of fresh boys, not depressed old men. We mean, who killed the cat and how close were you anyway? Apart from that, we guess the Dutch 3Js have everything that we hate so much from this genre: The pathos, the eyerape and the misunderstood notion of singing on top of each other. And yeah, then you would add that they seem to be singing in a rather undelicious language (Sorry, Dutchesses) and have hooked up with the most boring tailor on earth. This is so gray and tiresome we’re all lost in dreamland already, dreaming of all the better times ahead for The Netherlands. Once, after 2011.

Expectations this far:
Grumpy men trying to be boys trying to be amorous trying to be sensous? Oh, Lord. Expectations are approaching the bottom of the lake and disappearing fast. But hey, that means we will be easier impressed if they go ahead and prove us wrong.

Now, though, this is just sadder than Sad Sam and Dawson Leery combined:

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