Retro Sunday: Iceland 1999

It’s funny how most of the entries from 1999 just look and sound so incredibly dated. We mean, it’s not that long ago, did we really look like this? And back then the winning song was accused of being old fashioned, like the cutting edge contemporary stuff with oontz-oontz beats performed by Spice Girls lookalikes with bare bellies were any better. We sort of prefer timeless ABBA tadamtidam piano riffs and cheesy Schlager/Dansband saxophones.

Regardless, the runner up that year wasn’t half-bad. Selma from Iceland was a real charm bomb on stage despite of her ghastly outfit and that ridiculous twirly hairdo, which we in horror remember copying thinking it looked smashing. Kudos for managing to sing half decent trough the hectic aerobic routine as well. Perhaps a more fitting title for the song should have been “All out of breath”?

It must be pretty annoying for the Icelandic to lose the victory twice to another Nordic country, like they did both in 1999 and 2009. But hang in there Iceland and keep sending top notch songs, justice will prevail sooner or later!

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