Going to Italy

Off to Italy. Will we be leaving Eurovision behind? Probably not.

If you didn’t notice, GEE blogger girls were living the busy life in May. We were working and partying and hardly had time for eating (which was great for the dress fittings). Safe to say, we didn’t have time for our neglected men either. And when Guri’s husband quietly suggested he was living in a dressing room as we were running around changing into our glorious changing outfits while Astrid’s man hid in another town, it hit us: We are not the most popular of girlfriends right now.

That’s why we will be taking our men to our fab house in Italy for a couple of days. It’s a country outside of Euovision as they should know and there will be plenty of love and food and wine and grappa for them there.

But as we were getting ready departure, rumors grew stronger that Italy might be participating this year. Now, that would have been heaven for two girls loving Italy more than anything and still missing Toto Cutugno like crazy.

So then, dear readers, we will not be able to leave Eurovision behind during our days in heaven after all. We will be trying to convince every Italian we see to participate again. We will be paying Berlusconi off. And we will look for Toto.

Lucky our Italian kitchen is big enough to keep our fab men occupied in the meantime. And don’t we just love them for that.

For you, here’s Italy at its best. So far:

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