We need you, you (you)

So, guess this has been the weekend where all the MGP stars showed us what else they can do. We already know Maria can dance, but did you also know A1 can sing?

Eh, wait a moment.. That’s the ONLY thing they can do. But at least now they also can sing in Norwegian prime time TV shows. Since GEE never hit the boyband wave, we were actually quite surprised by how charmed we were after meeting these guys in May. Guess common distrust of the Per Sundnes methods really can unite the most unlikely group of people.

We bring you the last part of the show, starting with Ben Adams talking about revolution. LOL, that’s one thing we never thought he’d do. But apart from that, they still hit our spots in this show, so much loved by us to begin with. And this Mark Daniel Read really proves once again that he is a little bit better than most boybandies. Setting aside the slight worry A1 might be on a rolldown when they have to participate in family shows like this, we approve of their energy and star behavior. How lucky is the Norwegian state to be housing these charm buckets? (Nope, we didn’t mention Christian Ingebrigtsen in our praising. Consider it a political statement connected to FrP)

Take a look, skip the first few second of grey, notice the audience gals about to faint in the front row, be mad at Ivar Dyrhaug for not wanting to sing with Ben Adams and please fast forward over the blonde spreckled hen trying to sing Dolly Parton for a while there.

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