Retro Sunday: Ireland 1980

We’ve been waiting. Such a long time. To mention Johnny Logan. But oh, whatta man he is. Or at least was. While everyone seems to be hooked on him wanting to hold them, we’d like to draw attention to his later grandeur as heartbroken hippie.

In 1980 Johnny, king of pathos, was a sad boy with an intense need of self destruction. He could just wait and wait because he’d waited so long and was so lonely already that nothing mattered anymore. Really, nothing. But we have to say, we can’t even begin to understand how his beloved kept away from this piece of eyecandy. The fabulous black and white suit is super classy as it blends in with the amazing art deco stage of Hague. And the hair! We love it more than Michael Kelso and young Paul McCartney combined! Add a super sexy dark clad sax player in the back there, and you get why people keep watching this (we choose not to comment on the choir chicks, you can see it as a political statement).

Won’t you just look at the despair in Johnny’s eyes as he tells us how he’s lost everything. Well, he kind of has now, but he was a winner once. The best winner of them all.

(We’ve included the video with introduction for you, so you can see the lovely photo of Johnny at the pub in the right corner there and more of the cool stage backdrop. How very classy Eurovision was back then).

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