Should we just ask the sister?

I’ll just hide behind my sunglasses while you do the talk, Marte”

“OK”, NRK thought to themselves one day. “What can we do now that our fab presenter for MGP is all knocked up? Someone should cover our favorite hobbit, so we really do need some replacement quick as MacGyver. Well, we don’t have time to ponder. Let’s ask the sister with the pretty face, Anne Rimmen.

Sports and musical entertainment – pretty much the same, isn’t it?”

Or…isn’t it?


  1. Wish they would remove the horrible Per Sundnes from the show, his lack of showing feelings and his ability to speek with a voice so borring and monotone that watching paint dry is a like a party on LCD, is slowly destroying the show IMO. I cant see how anything is better with Per Sundnes in front of the camera.

  2. Well, that is a thought worthy of development. We kinda like his style, though, he has his bright moments. Only we do not like his way of pushing horrible artists to the front line. For that he deserves to be thrown to Disney Land.

  3. Takk og lov om vi blir kvitt Per Sundnes, gjerne en gang for alle..Er så møkk lei av at han prater i munn på intervjuobjektet, hans totalt manglende humor og besservissermentalitet… INN m hva som helst annet..

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