Retro Sunday: Sweden 1989

GEE lingers on the glorious 80s looking across the border to our neighbors in this Sunday’s retro flashback.

Tommy Nilsson has a great voice and he sure knew how to sell this powerful rock ballad. The whole song is just like one long chorus, with no verses in between, it sounds like he starts singing towards the end of the song and just jumps straight to the grand finale with no build up whatsoever. It makes you really miss the live orchestra with the trumpet and all, and the guy in a tuxedo doing his guitar solo, how fab is that? And the backing singers, wow, you gotta love it! Especially the guy to the far left, he is really singing his heart out. We suggest the Swedes take a rewind on a bunch of their old entries before they consider sending another bleak teenager to the ESC stage. Cause this is hard stuff the way we like it!

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