My Little Pony doing Massiel

Remember fab Ola Innset from My Little Pony,  interviewed by us last week? We told you they covered the Spanish winning entry from 1968, Massiel’s Lalala. It was actually at a festival in Spain in 2008, where Massiel was the guest of honor while celebrating 40 year since Spain’s first Eurovision victory. Now Ola has proved himself to be some darling and sent us the video of it all. Thnx, hon!

“It doesn’t matter if it’s from Eurovision or not as long as it is a good. We like to interpret other people’s songs, and would be happy to play more previous Eurovision entries if they are good enough”, Ola says. Now that would please GEE almost as much as if My Little Pony took part in ESC themselves. In the meantime, please take a look at this sweet little thing. If that doesn’t bring out the love in you, nothing ever will.

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