Retro Sunday: Belarus 2007

Lots of lovely ballads in the Retro Sunday column lately, so it’s about time to crank up the pace a notch or two and give you Belarus’ most successful entry so far:

Dmitry Koldun’s sticking resemblance to the late Lady Di is given an extra dimension due to that fact that his mother apparently is the founder of Princess Diana’s Belarusian fan-club. In Helsinki back in 2007 we could enjoy the sight of this sizzling hot (well at least according to some peeps) male Lady Di equivalent. With this James Bondesque soundtrack given to him by the ESC-wizard Philipp Kirkorov, and an intricate sliding doors routine on stage the white Russian showed us that he mastered the format fully and understood what ESC is all about. The lavish promo video for this entry is also a sight for sore eyes and worth checking out on YouTube. And best not to think about where all the money on Belarus’ promo budget comes from… One might argue that Dmitry’s singing voice is pretty average, but we choose to see this as a minor detail and focus on the positive sides!

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