We apologize for not posting very frequently lately, but even ESC-bloggers have to take some time off now and then to recharge the batteries and enjoy the Nordic summer nights. Now it’s back to work and busy days in the office battling a jam packed inbox. So much for recharging the batteries… Oh, well, as a way of fighting post vacation blues we can recommend putting some of your favorite Eurovision tracks on your playlist and turning up the volume to the despair of your colleagues. Cheerful Schlagers from the 80s works best.

Summertime isn’t exactly peak season when it comes to Eurovision Extravaganza, but it is actually possible to catch a glimpse of some of your ESC-favorites both live and on the telly as many artists go on tour and appear on various summer shows and events. Say, if you happen to be near Mysen south of Oslo on the 28th of August, you can see Norwegian MGP-stars like Heine Totland (MGP-semifinalist 2010), Venke Knutson (MGP-finalist 2010), Åge Steen “Glam” Nilsen (ESC 10th place 2005 with Wig Wam), and ESC-diva Maria Haukaas Storeng (MGP-finalist 2010 and ESC 5th place 2008) as well as Ovi (who sat Telenor Arena on fire this year and landed a well deserved 3rd place for Romania) perform at Momarkedet. If you’re not in Mysen, like most of us, you can catch the show on Norwegian TV2. We will most likely not tune in, since we’ve seen Maria perform like a gazillion times over the past few months. She is everywhere all the time, and we’re starting to grow a bit tired of her shiny happy face. That girl really knows how to make the most of it for what it’s worth… Good for her!






There’s no such thing as over exposure. Or is it?

We are starting to look forward to a new ESC-season and in September it will be revealed where next year’s shenanigans will be at. We know it’s somewhere in Germany that’s for sure. And rumor has it that the comeback kid Austria will be among the first to select their entry for next year. Hurray!

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