Retro Sunday: Austria 1989

Every Sunday we give you some of our favorite old entries to cheer you up a little extra and make you miss the glorious old days. And since we earlier this week received the great news of Austria returning to the competition next year, lets celebrate by giving one of the best Austrian entries of all times a well deserved replay:

Thomas Forstner had it in the bag, everyone thought back then. This was in the late 80s and everything about him, the song, the outfit, the piano lineup in the background complete with mullet haircuts and funky mustaches was just perfect. The composer behind this massive ballad was even Dieter Bohlen from Modern Talking. What went wrong? one might ask, and well, the overeager head nodding is not exactly doing him any favors… But hey, welcome back Austria, we approve of your return with happy, nodding heads!

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