3 reasons Germany should choose another contender

In this not so fabulous article Norwegian tabloid VG tells us Lena Meyer-Landrut doesn’t know if she’ll continue to be a musician in a year. She will be participating in Eurovision for Germany next year, but then she might just not sing anymore. Well, Germany, even though this year was successful, we’re not sure you have picked your lady for 2011. Here’s our reasons why:

  1. Lena says she only plays for fun, with no intention of winning. Well, that’s not exactly a lovely attitude before entering  a competition.
  2. Lena doesn’t want to play music after Eurovision next year. Well, if she’d rather promote Germany in..let’s say..nude pics, we’re sure she’ll attract attention, but maybe not the one intended? And sho would play at the finale if she were to win again?
  3. Believe it or not, there’s a lot of serious artists in Eurovision who work very hard to win. That’s why we’re not sure Lena’s ignorant attitude would be popular.

Hence some disappointment from GEE. We’re starting to believe Didrik has given Lena a couple of not so good hints. And we all know how successful his strategy wasn’t. But hey, best of luck with the diva, Germany.


  1. "Lena says she only plays for fun, with no intention of winning. Well, that's not exactly a lovely attitude before entering a competition."I disagree. The song contest is entertainment more than a measurement of which country makes the best music. If Lena has fun, she will entertain us, and probably do a good job on stage. Her attitude is true olympism, as Coubertin expressed it in "the essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well".

  2. First of all, who are you to judge her? If she want to play another year, so be it, but don't judge her for her plans for the future. It doesn't matter what she thinks, but the song she presents is the important thing. For her, and her country. And since I comment this: I'm not a terrific english writer, and neither are you. If you are Norwegian, write in Norwegian, as I would do, if I was sure you understood. The English was very Norwegian. The grammar was probably great, but the language wasn't floating.

  3. Thank you for your comments. We're happy to get the discussion going and of course understand your opinions as well.To Anonymous:This blog is about judging people. Sharing our opinions is what we like to do. If you don't like it, find another blog.Regarding English: We write in English to be able to reach as many readers as possible. Yes, would be nice to write in Norwegian also, but currently only 40 per cent of our readers can read Norwegian and we like to please everybody 🙂 We work very hard to keep our English at a high level, so we are sorry we don't keep up to your standards. Please tell us if there is something in particular you would like us to improve.Best of luck to Lena. We like her, but not the attitude expressed in this article. For that we know too many hard working artists. But yeah, nothing wrong about having fun 🙂

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