Retro Sunday: Sweden 1968

Every Sunday we give you some of our favorite old entries to cheer you up a little extra and make you miss the glorious old days. Today we bring you hipster coolness from Sweden:

The Swedes are undoubtedly the coolest fashionistas in Scandinavia, and back in the 60s this stylish fella showed Europe that hipsters existed long before the street style blogs came around to tell you what to wear. His cocky attitude and sleek appearance contrast the lyrics in this number as he’s telling us that a young man knows he’s in love for real when he don’t even mind drinking his afternoon coffee with his girlfriend’s mum, instead of hanging out with his buddies. How adorable is that! We love the jazzy, easy listening feel to this track and even today both the sound and the look are strangely modern and up to date. Groovy!

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