How hard is it now? Part 1 in which N'evergreen is evergreen

My hard is yours. That was the grand message from Norway this year. Leading GEE to check out the hardness of several Eurovision blokes. But the contest is over and how hard is it all now? Follow us as we check out how the fab artists are doing these days.

Eurovision 2010 ended a while ago, and summer days are warm and lazy. In a moment like this we ask ourselves what keeps Tomas N’evergreen busy? Sure looks like a lot.

“I think I look very Russian in this one. Or maybe a little bit Cuban?” (Pic nicked from

Pure bliss in Oslo
As one half of Chanée and N’evergreen, Danish Tomas N’evergreen, aka Tomas Christiansen, was one of the most successful participants this year. Denmark started off with a couple of douze points and managed to hit a glorious fourth place in the end – indeed very much better than the rest of Scandinavia. He ensures he had a great time in Oslo. “Singing in front of 100 million people was the best”, he proclaims.

But didn’t we spot some trouble during rehearsal and a somewhat decrease in the great popularity they achieved in advance? Nope, Tomas doesn’t seem to know very much about that, as he points out the song remained number four on the bookmakers’ lists. “And rehearsals are for rehearsing. If we didn’t have troubles rehearsing, there wouldn’t be any reason to rehearse. We were very happy about the result and we think it went very well at the finale”, Tomas says. Well, he’s right about that, and we do find that last part kinda appealing, compared to some of those other whiny, rehearsing people, none mentioned, none forgotten.

Still playing pop music
A good result was probably one of the reasons Tomas N’evergreen was warmly welcomed back both to Denmark and to Russia, where he lives. He thinks participating in Eurovision is good for artists, as it certainly is good promo to perform in front of so many people. Still, he hasn’t changed his image much. “I still play pop music. I think people look at me the same”, he says.

Playing pop music is something that has proven successful for N’evergreen, as he is a big star in Russia. And he has kept himself busy even after the 29th of May. “We are on tour at the moment. We have released our album in Sweden Norway and Denmark and we are performing in Belarus. After that we go to Norway and Denmark for concerts and in between I am performing solo. I just came back from concert in a Austria”, he tells us, and we are very impressed by the pace of this man, who also reveals he’s making music for a new movie.

In Russia with love
Making your own music, that is something we do appreciate in GEE. But why does Tomas choose to do it in Russia? “I love Russia. I have my friends there. And my home. And my nevesta. The music business in Russia and Denmark is very similar”, he explains. Oh, ok, we think, but wait a minute. Doesn’t nevesta mean bride in Russian? Could that be the lovely woman by his side in Oslo? “It means fiancée”, Tomas clarifies. “She is a model and her name is Ekaterina Vinogradova”. That’s cool, we think, she even managed to charm us the second we met her, offering to take the picture of us and her man. A quick google session tells us the 24 year old beauty is also successful in Russia, even has been playmate of the month in Playboy, so good on the Dane being in Russia with love.

“Hey girls, do you need some welding done?” “Yes please! Just let your lady take our picture first” (pic by Tomas’ nevesta)

Seems pretty clear to us the Danish success this year will not just be a one hit wonderboy. But will we see Tomas in front of 100 million people again? “Maybe I’ll go again one day. It’s a competition with many factors that we don’t know. There’s a lot of politics in this game. And the best song might not win”, he says. Well, if you live in Russia, you should be used to dealing with the politics of things, we’d like to add. But we don’t.

Our hard verdict:
We’re really pleasantly surprised by this man. He does seem like a hard working artist with an understanding of the world around him, unlike some of the younger, way too confident people who didn’t do as well as expected in Oslo. Plus for preferring Eastern Europe, writing his own music, loving music, keeping up the pace, and having a playmate. Minus for somewhat boring answers and blaming politics. But hey, who could blame him?

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