Jump against racism

Well, this lad looks kinda familiar!

(pic from vg.no)

We can’t quite make up our minds whether this Jimmy Jump is just bloody annoying or if he’s actually kinda of cool… After all, he’s harmless and we do like his message to the world this time. So we say, go for it!


  1. Uhm, no.Jimmy Jump is really just a sad man that can't make enough of himself to actually get in the spotlight on his own merits. If people with such sickly need of attention isn't given the right sort of attention (ie. electrodes to his cojones), and god forbid, actually become "cool" – then you'll have a swarm of "jumpers" or worse at every important event. I can guarantee you that wouldn't be "cool" at all.

  2. I kinda like it. Yeah, he's obviously got an urge for getting in the limelight, but who cares? The cool thing is that he is the only one dude that actually can do these stunts. People have tried, but hardly ever succeeded. If not, there would be people fleeing the stage all the time, wouldn't it? You gots to give him props for that, dude's a true proffessional hahaha ;D

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