Split votes

The EBU has released this year’s votes in the Eurovision final divided into telecast votes and jury votes. Here are the most important findings in our opinion:









First semi final

  • If the televoters were to decide, we would have seen Finland in the final, but the jury could have kicked out Russia. Oh well, win some, lose some.
  • Portugal was ranked second by the jury. WTF? Corruption!
  • Estonia would have made it if only the jury were to decide. Makes us want the jury to stay with us for next year anyway.


Second semi final:

  • It was the jury that kicked Sweden out. Well done, jury.
  • Lithuania would have made it if only the televoters were to decide. What happened to the jury there?
  • The televoters would have made sure we missed that hideous Irish dress for the final. We now know to blame the jury.



  • The televoters disliked Didrik even more than the jury. Not so surprising, as Didrik wasn’t really trying to reach and please the audience outside of his performances.
  • Spain is a lot higher in the televoting rank than in the jury voting. Probably a lot of votes of sympathy for the attacked there – and maybe some for Daniel’s bright smile?
  • Denmark was ranked lower by the jury than by the televoters. Well, at least the jury is a little bit smarter than the rest.
  • Israel was a lot more popular with the jury than with the televoters. We get that, because while Harel himself is an instant hit, the song kinda needs to grow on you.
  • France was popular among the dancing televoters, while the party pooping jury even preferred knitted sweaters of Russia over hot asses of France. Choose a better jury next time!
  • UK ended up last in all lists. Poor little Josh.

OK, sorry, but we don’t think this made us so much wiser. Germany still won. We’re still sorry we never got to see Lithuania or Estonia in the final, we feel sorry for the little Joshie thing and we’re still not surprised Norway didn’t do better.

Do we want to do a close analysis showing some political tendency or to make up our mind about the jury vs televoting system? Nope, no way. Because that would ruin some of the Eurovisional magic: The surprises that always show up and the predictions that are never completely right. We can’t wait to see what happens next year. Keep on voting, folks.

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