Well played: Some guys well suited

Eurovision 2010 turned out to be a suited competition among the male contenders. We’re like ok, when did we enter the funeral of Mr USA? Not exactly Tom Ford all of those guys. But still, there are some bright stars on the tailored heaven. Let’s take a closer look.

The well groomed pretty boys were fighting for attention in dark suits this year. As previously mentioned, Didrik went all accountant unchick for the big final. It’s best left without further comments. UK Josh tried at least a little bit harder, but still, way too preppy and safe for our taste. And some of his outfits at other times just made us lose faith completely. We really do recommend Josh to stay away from light grey and his father’s closet for the next twenty years.

Seriously, Josh, how can anyone respect you when you make an old woman in purple look better than you? No more grey and untailored for you, please.

One man, however, managed to nail us all to the wall. And thank you Didrik and Josh for showing us how hard suiting a suit could be. For Israeli Harel Skaat, stylist Gal Apple was all successful. We love the combination of an open shirt and a tight suit. It balances perfectly between relaxed and sharp. And the suit itself is just perfect and need we say very lucky, clinging to Harel’s great body. He did indeed sound kind of proud of the design by Yossi Katzaw when we interviewed him the other day. And now we get it. There is really nothing more to say. Just keep watching.

Yes, man. This IS the way to suit a suit. And ripping off that shirt is very hard not to do.

Then there were a couple of more independently suited men. Spain’s Daniel Diges decided to bring us something tiny in something shiny. Have to say this is not math class, so two bad things does not equal one good. The curly Spaniard fascinated us for some other reason: His ability to look absolutely amazing in photos while not looking very good at all in real life. We mean, of course we get the concept of being photogenic, but that was the extreme version. We kept holding the picture taken a minute ago up to his face to see if it really was the same person. It was creepy. Either we need glasses, or we need a class or two from this guy. Come pick him up, Tyra!

“Well, who cares how I look? Jimmy Jump is supposed to cover me”

Still, Daniel’s suit didn’t even look good in photos. Space age ended at least ten years ago, man, and how is it even possible to make such a shiny suit look so beyond casual? Please, get a new stylist and stay in the image. But hey, this was supposed to be about something good, and something good really did come out of Estonia this year. Malcolm Lincoln’s Robin Juhkental really did know how to look fantastic while remaining true to his real self. Well, of course he wasn’t even born in the 70s when this style was popular, but we do appreciate him bringing old glory into life. Everything is just so right about his velvet jacket, his purple scarf and his sassy loafers. What a fine dandy. Too bad we didn’t see him in the final, but we’re sure we’ll see a lot more of him in the years to come as Malcolm Lincoln just released a fantastic record. How very suitable.

“Is he from London?” “Nope. He’s from, hold on, Estonia!” “Well, from the 70s, then?” “Nope, wasn’t even born in the 70s” “Looks like he knows how to dress” “Yup, sure knows how to dress” “Well, GEE blogger girls should love him” “Yeah, you got that right”

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