Barbara Dex Award; Moldova and Russia

There are plenty of guys deserving a decent bashing in this year’s ESC as well! Let’s start with Moldova. And forget about the female tin foil cupcake. We didn’t exactly expect Chişinău to be the fashion capitol of Europe, but to get reacquainted with the vest our old uncle John donated to aid Romanian orphans years ago, we did not see that one coming. We suppose it found its way to an overpriced ultra hip vintage shop in the above mentioned capitol somehow. As mentioned earlier, we praise Moldova for giving us valuable and hilarious contributions when it comes to costumes and props on stage, so it’s nice to see that this tradition is being kept alive.

There is just so much material here, starting with the bloke in the front. Blimey…

Russian Peter Nalitch just couldn’t be bothered to dress up at all. He and his friends showed up in Oslo dressed as a bunch of middle aged biology teachers on a field trip. But even tired and grumpy biology teachers shave and brush their hair when going to a party. So, it would have been nice if these lads had made the slightest effort. You don’t need to go berserk with sequins and feathers to look presentable, you know.



“I’m looooooking at her photo!” Look what the cat dragged in, we’d say.

Yup, we could go on and on forever. We should of course have mentioned the lovely Eva Rivas and reported her to the fashion police for severe crime against humanity with that dress over jeans combo. And the Nevermind from Denmark probably had some serious welding work cut out for him while trying to weld on Eva Rivas’ artificial hair.

And our very own car mechanic Didrik, trying to convince us that he had launched a new career as an accountant with that boring suit. What happened to the white waiter jacket he wore in the national final, not good enough for him? Come to think of it we have trashed poor Didrik at so many occasions by now, we’re actually starting to bore ourselves. So he’s off the hook. For now.

Enough about the Barbara Dex contenders, which outfits did we actually like? Watch out for follow-up blogposts!

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