Barbara Dex Award; Latvia and Ireland

A far more deserving winner of the Barbara Dex Award would have been Aisha from Latvia. We are not exactly sure what happened here, but here’s a few plausible scenarios. She simply forgot to change into her actual dress before she entered the stage. There just must be an explanation to why she unintentionally appeared in front of 130 million TV viewers dressed in a bathrobe.

After an even closer look we start to wonder if one of the hotel rooms at Oslo Plaza is missing a bedspread or perhaps a curtain. In that case she sort of takes raiding hotel rooms for “free” stuff to another level. We usually settle for shampoos, slippers and shower caps. And no, we don’t wear the slippers and a shower cap while making an important presentation at work.

Before the performance in Oslo Aisha announced that there would be changes on stage from the national final. While we could hardly wait to see how they could manage to top the doing the laundry sequence it just turned out that Aisha would wear the fabric her backing singers worked so hard to clean while keeping up with the chorus. Disappointment from here to eternity.

“What for am I dressed like this?”
Guri considered to go Latvian on the big final night, but thank Gawd, she went for a proper dress instead.
Well, here’s a lady who perhaps should consider taking fashion tips from Latvia. This snap shot is taken backstage before one of the dress rehearsals, and Niamh from Ireland looks all peachy and glamourous. She actually has a waist!
Misplaced waistline missing. Last seen sometime during the mid 90’s.

Instead she shows up on stage wearing this. We are lost for words. Almost. Or not really, here it goes. It looks awful!!! We read somewhere that she looked like a Cadbury cream egg ready to burst. And that it looked like she ate Ireland, rather than represented Ireland. That’s just so cruel. But funny. And seriously, she is not that big, it’s just the dress, it’s so utterly unflattering. Just look at Hera Björk from Iceland. Far more junk in the trunk there, but she looked absolutely fab in her high waisted diva frock. Where is Trinny and Susannah when you really need them? This is a real fashion emergency!

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