Barbara Dex Award 2010

Earlier this week it was announced that Serbia’s Milan Stanković was voted the winner of the Barbara Dex Award. Please allow us to take a moment here. What??? In our opinion he was one of the best dressed contestants this year. His stage outfit in the same colors as the Serbian flag and his marching band jacket was a perfect match for his ethnic styled, brassy celebration of a song. And yeah, we get it, his haircut was rather unconventional and his dancers came out of shower cabinets while being dressed in bubble wrap frocks, but c’mon, this is just not enough to win a contest where bad taste is refined into perfection.

This picture is taken from the Serbian party and GEE think he looks super cool. Kudos!

We applaud Milan for his sense of style. During the ESC weeks in Oslo he appeared to be a true fashionista always looking fresh and clean. A bit freaky at times, but there’s nothing wrong with spicing up the party just by being present. We find his style edgy, trendy and brave. He adds his personal twist to all outfits and he is not afraid to stand out and to play with his androgynous look.

Stay tuned on our blog during the next few days as we intend to present some of those, in our opinion, worthy contenders in this fierce competition. Buckle up, and prepare yourself for some fashion faux pas moments!

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