Lessons learned during Eurovision 2010

Believe it or not, GEE did manage to learn a thing or two during two crazy weeks in Eurovision Town. So if you ever consider joining the ESC circus next year in Germany, here’s a few helpful hints from our point of view.

Those shoes are not made for walking 
As glamorous as we might look to you, we have to admit: Walking around in our various set of heels every night for a couple of weeks is kinda hard on our baby feet. Because Eurovision is a lot of walking, especially for GEE girls who can’t stop mingling when there are stars around. Now it’s hello ballerinas for the rest of the summer, and who wants to carry us around next year?


When photographed, bend your knees and put your glasses on
We took a lot of pictures with a lot of good posers this week. It was such a joy to learn from all their glorious little tricks so that we could look a little bit more shiny ourselves. While the Finnish chicks taught us how to bend our knees for a better posture, the golden boy of Switzerland taught us to always have our glasses ready to put on when someone takes their camera out. The Polish hint on putting an apple in our mouth we kinda ignored. Thank you everyone for helping us look like ESCs next top models.

Someone just knows everyone. This someone is Mads Rogde
We have been doing a lot of networking throughout these Eurovision weeks. But someone did it even a little bit better than us. No matter who we befriended on Facebook, for instance, they were already friends with this fabulous producer slash party fixer Mads Rogde. And we don’t blame them for a second. We’re happy he’s our friend as well and hereby make him our networking guru.

tomas nevergreenThere is always need for a welding team at every ESC party
When so many large constructions have to be made for so many events and parties, someone should take some serious welding responsibility. Thomas N’evergreen from Denmark happily accepted the role this year, as he was walking around with his welding glasses on. Although his attitude was kinda cocky, we do applaud him for taking some time off to join our party while always being ready for emergency welding. Guess his Eastern European connections taught him that.

It pays off to make nice with GEE
In GEE we are not critical wannabe objective journalists from newspapers no one reads. Being bloggers has its definitive perks! Meaning we get to share exactly what we think with exactly who we want. Also meaning if you make nice with us, we most certainly will reward you. People like the A1 boys, Marcin Mrozinski, most of Azerbaijan, the bird bloke of Malta and Daniel Diges certainly got a lot more credit than expected out of us just from being nice. And Club Latter must have gotten more visits both from us and other guests due to their fabulous door hostess, who greeted and welcomed everyone like they were superstars and VIPs. In the end we learned there are some fab people in the ESC world. Don’t we just love them all.

You can in fact get an email from yourself asking you to your own party
We were a little bit surprised by the fact that we one day received an email from Good Evening Europe inviting us to our own fabulous Good Evening Europe-party. Did Astrid write it? No. Did Guri write it? No. Whatta fuck? Then we remembered last night when we, while standing in the same place for a record of 10 minutes at Euroclub, were approached by several people wanting to take our photo, interviewing us for TV and thanking us for our blog posts. Wow, we’re stars, we realized. And stars don’t write their own mail, of course.

If you give up eating and sleeping, you will have time for Eurovision and all your fabulous outfits slip on perfectly
Well, that one is self explaining, but just so we will remember for Hamburg next year: You have to prioritize. Eating and sleeping is not for Eurovision. Glamorous dresses certainly are.

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