Most embarrassing ESC moments

This year it was all about sharing the moment. Join us for a quick recap on the most embarrassing moments we experienced during ESC. We had moments where we cringed in embarrassment and other moments when we almost cracked our hips as we fell on the floor laughing our heads off.

Norway running out of champagne
GEE had a fab time at the Official Opening Reception in Oslo City Hall. Who wouldn’t love to stroll up the pink carpet, squeezed in among the delegations from Azerbaijan, Poland and Belarus? It was however quite embarrassing to find out that Mayor Fabian Stang and his crew ran out of pink champagne nearly one hour before the party was supposed to be over. Snappy head waiters shouting at their assistants as well as at the prominent guests who were trying to elbow their way to catch the last drops didn’t make it any better. GEE had to execute major damage control by telling international guests that this is what happens when you offer Norwegians free booze. Speaking of, we do however suspect that the Butterflies from Belarus were also partly to blame for this situation…

Being robbed at Euro Café at broad daylight

GEE hung out at Euro Café one afternoon trying to recover from previous night’s party and getting prepared for yet another night of more partying (Yeah, ESC life’s a bitch, we know!). We are still in shock after having paid 78 NOK for a coke and a bag of potato chips. And we didn’t even get a full bottle, we got whatever was left in a small bottle that was first opened God knows when! And the bag of chips was tiny! Yeah, we get it, Norway is an expensive country, but this is just ridiculous. We can reassure all international readers and fellow guests at Euro Café during ESC that it is indeed possible to treat your hangover at a much more reasonable price than this just about anywhere else in Oslo. Shame on you, Euro Café.

Belarus’ Butterflies being too drunk to sing
Need we say more? This actually happened at a gig they were supposed to perform at a week before the final. How very professional of them, and how funny for the rest of us!

Didrik + Per Sundnes = car job
Oh, we are trying really hard to think of what is the MOST embarrassing thing about the Didrik and Per relationship, but there is just so much material! Guess the worst part, anyway, must be the fact that Per Sundnes’ husband decided to give Didrik a vintage car that has been in his family for a long time. Ok, so Didrik is a part of your family now, Mr. “supposed to be kinda neutral self acclaimed leader of MGP”? Please, people, stop courting.

Picking your audience more carefully
During the final in Telenor Arena, GEE was sitting next to a man claiming to be able to predict the votes from the different countries. He proudly showed us pictures on his phone of all the five ESC celebs he had met recently (GEE acted all surprised and impressed) and predicted that Israel would give Germany 12 points and Armenia would give 12 points to Azerbaijan. We recommend him to start reading newspapers (and our blog!) and maybe redo 3rd grade history before sitting next to us again.

Harel Skaat inviting people to lipsync him
While many of the contestants this year have been very good with their use of social media in marketing, Harel Skaat and his gang spent most of their time on their so called lip sync competition. AKA send in your video where you lip sync Harel’s song. We were too embarrassed to watch the whole videos, but please take a look at one of them, at least for amusement. The PR people of Israel really wanted us to market it on our blog, so now we did. You’re welcome.

Someone trying to trash Lithuania
Trying to trash Lithuania in the face of some of their most dedicated fans wasn’t such a good plan. The Dutch TV commentator, who we by the way loved very much, tried to tell us Jurgis from InCulto was arrogant. Nope, you really missed something elementary there, we thought, and decided to introduce them to each other. Never heard more about that. When will we be hired as your PR agents, InCulto?

Moldova behaving kinda tacky
Grabbing GEE bloggers’ asses turned out to be a hit, especially among Moldavian contestants. Have to say it’s not the smartest of moves among blogger girls who, surprisingly enough, are no fans of groping, yet love to trash people in public.


  1. haha, what memorable moments! you must have had so much fun! i wish my life was as meaningful and glamorous as yours! i love your blog!!!!! hope you keep it going next year as well! 🙂

  2. Thank you. We will keep it going throughout the year and of course be in Hamburg/Berlin next year! We've had a lot of fun, mostly because of all the great people that are a part of ESC. Have to say our life is not always as glamorous, but meaningful it always is, and we're sure yours is as well!

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