No one came to Didrik’s party? Go figure

Today the Norwegian tabloid Dagbladet brings an interview with Didrik Solli-Tangen, stating no one came to the party he decided to host in his own hotel room straight after the final. Apparently Didrik went around at the official party at Plaza asking people to join him in his hotel room, but none of the participants from the other delegations came. Poor little thing. We would like to give him a little piece of advice in case he would ever be in this position again:

  1. If you don’t go to anyone else’s party, they won’t be in yours
  2. If you are the host at the grand party, you don’t go around asking the guests to move to your private gathering somewhere else.
  3. If you behave like an ass, not talking to anyone, not recognizing anyone, not liking anyone when you’re supposed to be the host, chances are they won’t come to your party.
  4. If you party and work for a long time, you will be exhausted. The rest of the delegations actually did work, you see, AND they showed up at the previous parties because it was a part of their representational work. Kinda like the host nation should be doing.
  5. Representing your country is about being present where you are supposed to be present. That is not in someone’s hotel room, but in the official parties.
  6. If you explain the lack of people in your hotel room with the winner not drinking, you are even more stupid than we think.
  7. Telling the newspapers you are hungover and that your hotel room looks like a whore house is not cool, just pathetic.
  8. If you need a mentor, we’ll gladly recommend just about any other Eurovision participant this year. The are way ahead of you.

Eurovision is over now, Didrik. You did a lousy job, but at least you got a car out of your sugardaddies. Now stop whining and go back to school.



  1. Well, we are only commenting on quotes from Didrik taken from Dagbladets article. And yeah, he is really handsome, but one can't always judge the book by its cover…

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