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The suggestion of dividing Eurovisionary Europe into two parts would easily be the decline of Northern Europe. 

One part of Bobbysocks, Elisabeth Andreassen, also known as Bettan, is dealing with her Didrik grief by suggesting dividing up Eurovision into two separate finals: One for Northern Europe and one for Southern Europe. “This would divide Europe into one A-team and one B-team”, our previous commentator Jostein Pedersen says. “Yes”, we would like to add, “and Norway would be on team B”.

It is not to be denied that the best quality of music the last couple of years originates from the Southern and Eastern Europe. Simply because they put a lot more effort into it. And that’s mainly why people vote for them, not their geographical placement. How could anyone vote for Norway, Sweden and Denmark when they send such crap sung by such amateurs? If the division is to be fulfilled, we have no doubt we would be watching the Southern version.

Come on, Swede. You are outdated in this game. Get over yourself.


  1. I want to ask MRS. Bettan where is the "border" between Northern and Southern Europe.I totally disagree with her and think she had to think first before suggesting something so totally devoid of logic.

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