Our night: Thank God it's final night

Ok, so we’ve had an amazing time these couple of weeks.We’ve just met so many great people and attended so many fabulous parties. But we do also get a little tired from partying all night and working all day, so maybe it’s best we stop for a while now. These are our highlights from the final day of Eurovision:

Astrid green dress
Astrid in her dress and fabulous pink purse

guri pink dress
And Guri in her dress, all ready for the final party.


guri champagne
VIPs as we were, we of course went by a champagne boat to Telenor Arena.


slovenia palestine
Together with Slovenia, cheering for Palestine.


sveits israel
And together with Switzerland cheering for Israel.
armenia telenor arena
The composer of our favorite entry this year: Armenian Armen Martirosyan.
tyskland 2010
Lena Meyer-Landrut left the party a bit early for being the winner. But mind you, so did we. Thank you for the show!


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