Modulated Eurovision

So, you’re not the biggest of Eurovision fans, but you’d like to check in on the glamour and vibe anyway? Now you can watch Modulated Eurovision, both live and online.

 Modulated Eurovision is a concept that is arranged for the fifth time in Norway in the ballroom of Gamle Logen. The pictures and the costumes are live from Telenor Arena, but the music is being remixed and recreated live by 12 different bands.

The people behind the event tell us they are offering a pop elegant, electro shocked, stunt energetic, glitterrocked experience from 12 of Norway’s best live bands, like Montée, PowPow, Lucy Swann, The New Wine alongside jazz saxophonist Håkon Kornstad, Miss Harmonica, Tut & Knore, Harrys Gym, Ivar Winther vs Center of the Universe, Torgny (Amdam, eks- Amulet) vs Zweizz and the beatboxer Droolian. Else Kåss Furuseth and Kjetil Bjørke are tonight’s hosts, and two VJ-crew from Palegolas and For Your Eyes Truly will make sure the two shows are becoming one.

Now, that’s something worth checking out if you’re not that into the regular stuff. Either drop by Gamle Logen, or visit DeichmanskeTV live bet to watch online. Make sure you use Firefox as a browser and download VLC, that needs to be installed on your computer. The streaming starts at 8 pm.

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