How hard is it really? Part 8 in which Marcin is the hardest

My hard is yours. That’s the grand message from Norway this year. But how hard is it really? Follow us as we check up on some of the hottest men of Eurovision and give you our hard verdict. 

Mirror, mirror on our Facebook wall, who’s the hardest of them all? We are proud to present Marcin from Poland!

So, he didn’t make it to the ESC final. But he made his way into our hearts the moment we met him. Marcin Mrozinski from Poland is just the most charming, funniest, hottest bloke around. While being one of the contestants with the largest career outside of Eurovision, he is not behaving like a star at all as he walks around talking to everybody, feeding us chocolate cake, complimenting our dresses and hugging every person in Euroclub like they were his best friends. Mind you, they might all be and we don’t blame them.

We are some demanding women in Good Evening Europe, and therefore it’s so nice to meet someone who meets all our requirements. After checking out some of the hardest men of Eurovision, we have encountered some good stuff. Our favorite Norwegian bloke, Alexander Stenerud, of course kicked Didrik‘s ass, and could have won if he was actually in the final instead of the boring and bored car mender from Porsgrunn. We will be devastated if Alexander doesn’t participate next year. Then we would keep Per Sundnes off any stupid ideas. Harel Skaat from Israel is some pretty boy, but also quite boring and we wouldn’t like his take on the Israel-Palestine conflict. We are excited about his announced bungee jump, though. Giorgios from Greece looked the best with his hat on and was a tough, cool dude. But a bit broke for our taste. Then Robin Juhkental from Estonia turned out to be some funny bunny who could have won if he didn’t miss his girlfriend too much.

So in the end Marcin’s hardest challenge was Jurgis from Lithuania. He also represents very much of what we want from a Eurovision man. Although we were a bit disappointed we didn’t see him and his friends in so many parties and that his fellow band members pretended not to recognize us the times we did. He’s one good runner up, though.

It’s just that no one can really beat our wonderboy from Poland. We like the fact that Marcin is so good at communication, both in person and in social media. His sincerity, sense of humor and openness are also things we approve of. And if you look at that smile, we think you get the picture. Marcin can put on a simple white t-shirt and still look like the prettiest man in the room. Mind you, we have now given him a cooler t-shirt as a reward for winning our “How hard is it really?” contest.

So how can you make his hard yours? We don’t know, but we recommend everyone to feed him an apple. Oslo will be a sadder place when this man is not here to hug and entertain us anymore. But so long, honey, so long.

One lucky GEE girl got to give Marcin his hard. Watta cute couple they make.


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