Our night: Semi-Final 2

After seeing the first semi-final in Telenor Arena we decided to watch the second with a bunch of friends at Ballroom yesterday evening. It was great to watch the action on the big screen while enjoying a glass of wine and taking in the fabulous atmosphere created by all the shiny happy, all dressed up party guests.

And not to mention the entertainment Ballroom treated us to before the show started. Norwegian ESC Stars were queuing up to play for us and we got amazing performances from Jostein Hasselgård, Maria Haukaas Storeng and Alexander Stenerud. Oh, joy! Afterwards we jetted off for some more ESC Schlager Extravaganza at Club Latter before we ended up at Euroclub.

alexander give it to me
Alexander Stenerud, mesmerizing the crowd as always.

maria haukaas storeng
Maria Haukaas Storeng looking fab, giving us her 2008 entry “Hold on, be strong”


guri alexander
Guri’s wannabe date for the evening.
jostein hasselgaard
And here’s Astrid’s wannabe date, Jostein Hasselgård (4th place ESC 2003). Getting sort of afraid to move on when having such a hot guy on our hands.
hildegunn dang
Crap, we almost forgot, we have some non famous friends as well. Here’s Hildegunn and Dang.
astrid ingen grenser
Astrid had a star moment with Aleksander Øverland Berg from NRK’s “Ingen Grenser”. Aleksander supports France in ESC. No wonder when seeing him own the dance floor at Club Latter!
The Danes celebrating that first part of welding job has been successful.


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