Attention! Hot priest coming to a church near you

Do you wanna see more of Norway’s hottest priest? Hear him talk about love together with Bobbysocks in the Oslo Cathedral this evening.

Now why didn’t anyone take Eurovision to church before? We think it is a super cool idea! Especially since we are totally crazy about the amazing reverend Gard Sandaker-Nielsen who has been well known in Norway for his important contribution to legalizing gay marriage.

Even though we think Gard is the main attraction, you might also love the fact that Hanne Krogh and Elisabeth Andreassen from Bobbysocks, Gunnhild Tvinnereim from Secret Garden, Christine Gulbrandsen and Jostein Hasselgård will be performing. The latter is a favorite of Good Evening Europe! and the others are super as well. Besides this is your chance to see the newly renovated Cathedral of Oslo, placed right in the city centre at Stortorvet.

Yup, sitting down and looking into these eyes talking about love is exactly what we are planning on doing today. See you there at 7 PM.

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