Our night: First semifinal, Club Latter and Euroclub

We attended the first semifinal in Telenor Arena together with Ida Wulff last night. She is the blogger queen of Norway, as she has 40 000 REAL readers each week. Have to say it was a joy meeting some slightly younger glamorous people like her and her fun boyfriend. But later that night we started wondering whether WE actually are threatening her throne, as people kept approaching us, recognizing us,taking our photos and even interviewing us for TV. That’s some boost for our already way too high self esteem and a confirmation that prostitution really pays off.

We went to glamorous Latter only to find an amazing vibe and so many cool people at the Eurovision festival. You should all check it out. And then ended up at Euroclub, where we found the people we love. Here are the highlights, check Facebook for more.

swiss fans
Those were the most dedicated and lovely fans we met. Too bad they were in the wrong semi final.

josh uk
Josh sat next to us looking completely bored the whole time. Forget about the buddies you make in the break and show some respect for your colleagues, Josh. After all, they have much better songs than you.


ida wulff
Our dates for the night were glamorous blogger queen Ida Wulff and her fun boyfriend. We love you, Ida, and well done standing up to your competitors in the blogger scene (meaning Voe the cheater, not us).
janicke abrahamsen
Great vibe and lovely Jannicke Abrahamsen on stage at Club Latter
marcin poland
Highlight of the night was of course hanging out with our buddy Marcin from Poland at Euroclub. He’s just as shiny and bright even though the grumpy voters kicked him out of the finals. You will always be our winner, Marcin.
And yay, here are our fav bloggers from Iceland, Eyrun and Hildur. Check out their blog Jurovision


  1. We were sad too, but impossible not to be happy when Marcin is around! We don't get to see the scoreboard for the semi-finals until after the final on Saturday. Should be published online on eurovision.tv on Sunday or Monday next week.

  2. Thanks for information. I hope that it was last time when Poland took a part in Eurovision. But if I know my country-we will try forever:P

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