Our night: Reception at Oslo City Hall

What joy to get these invitations! Our company is requested, of course.


Finally, after living here for several years, Oslo welcomed us to town. We attended a fabulous reception at Oslo City Hall, walking the pink carpet together with all the Eurovision delegations. We were a bit embarrassed by the fact that they ran out of champagne, but apart from that, mayor Fabian and his young little thing were great hosts.

Here’s the highlights:

poland apple
Someone knows how to work the journalists. Marcin from Poland tempted them with an apple. Truth is, Poland is so jealous on Armenia’s apricots that they brought their own apples.
daniel diges
Daniel from Spain tried to convince us in Spanish it’s not really that tiny.
kordamer 2
We agree with Didrik’s choir chicks: Our buddy Marius is to be preferred!


greece opa
Getting into some Opa with Greece.
malta jes guri
The bird of Malta in some more casual sequins. Show us some feather, man!

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