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Half way trough the Eurovision weeks, it’s time to take a recap on everything that’s happened so far. Do you think there were only one hot guy in Lithuania? Nope there’s five more of them. We had a chat with our favorite Lithuanian blokes in InCulto and got a taste of what the famous and fabulous Eurovision stars make out of this experience.


“We haven’t done nearly enough partying so far!” Jurgis Didžiulis exclaims almost before we have managed to sit down in the hotel lobby this beautiful and warm morning in Oslo. Jurgis and his fellow band members look a bit tired so we just assumed there had been some massive partying going on lately. “Actually we have stayed here in our hotel keeping the other guests awake while rehearsing”, Jurgis continues. And come to think of it we do receive quite a few gloomy, tired stares from other guests passing us in the lobby, which we really can’t understand, we would gladly give up sleeping to be entertained by these guys.

Talent in abundance
“Besides, surprisingly enough, we were not even invited to Belarus’ engagement party in EuroClub, and we heard that there were no shortage of vodka”, the band members adds, but they don’t look too sorry for missing out on that one. In this pink, happy go lucky Eurovision bubble we live in at the moment you can sense there is some seriousness behind it all, and even if InCulto presents one of the more funny and foolish entries this year, don’t be fooled to believe that this band has nothing on their minds. “People might think that this is just a project put together especially for Eurovision, but we have been going at it for many years as a band”, Jurgis explains.

We can’t help but envy people who seem to have so much fun with what they are doing, and according to the band their motivation when they started was to get away from their day jobs and manage to live off their music. So far so good, however we should mention that Laurynas Aurimas plays the trumpet in the Philharmonic Orchestra and Sarunas Kirdeikis is an esteemed dancer and choreographer back in Lithuania with his own Dance Studio. This tells us something about how talented and versatile these funny bunnies on the ESC stage really are.

And when it comes to their upcoming performance in the Semi-Final on Thursday they are on schedule. “I’m not feeling too well at the moment, and struggle with a sore throat, but I reckon I will feel better soon”, Jurgis tells us. “Apart from that we must say that so far the rehearsals in Telenor Arena have gone down well, and we are impressed by how skilled and professional everybody who’s working there are” he continues. It is however difficult for the Lithuanian guys to really rehearse the actual show. “It’s difficult to get the same energy and adrenaline rush when rehearsing in front of a few journalists”, the guys agree. That’s why they have decided to hit the streets of Oslo and perform spontaneously.

InCulto coming to a street near you
A piece of advise from GEE to our readers in Oslo is to look out for a bunch of guys dressed up in swanky disco hotpants playing on inflatable instruments. “We charge our batteries by doing this kind of stuff, it’s fun and rewarding to create a good energetic feel and we wish to show people that this comes from our hearts”, Jurgis states to explain this rather peculiar behavior.

Well guys, we are happy to help you out stocking up on energy before the performance in the Semi-Final, so we watched InCulto perform “Eastern European Funk” exclusively for us. And OK, we’ll share the moment with all of you:

And if you can’t get enough of these fab and glitzy men, you can catch them perform at Hard Rock Cafe in Oslo on May 25th, Tuesday night, or of course on a street near you!


  1. Yay, they really are great, we have received feedback from all over the world telling us how much they like InCulto. Stay tuned on our blog for the announcement of the InCulto CD competition winners, and of course some more yummy pics of the band!

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