Our night: Friday of Belarus and Romania

The day started off with a quick stroll through the parade street of Oslo, Karl Johan, dressed up in Eurovision banners. Thank God for ice coffees and sunglasses to make early mornings a little easier to handle.


Pimp our ride! There’s always a car waiting for us to take us to yet another fabulous party and our agent just waits around. Eh… well, not really.


Oslo welcomes its Eurovision guests to town and guarantees them a good stay.


Look, there’s one of the 3, or the 2 from Belarus! Well at least he was relatively sober, which was not the case with his four other band members. The Butterflies from Belarus had to cancel their performance at Ballroom cause they were too drunk to sing! Nil points from GEE. And cute guy in photo, perhaps you should consider going solo next year?


Yay, the fab Paula from Romania! Looking wicked in her sexy catsuit. Man, this lady can sing! Go Romania!


Paula has hooked up with Ovi from Norway, and the pair of them look fantastic together.


Can this be the winners of ESC 2010? Ovi & Paula set Ballroom on fire with their performance. Call the fire department!


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