Our night: Thursday of Estonia and Norway

Today we have been to a reception with the Estonian embassy and the Estonian participants Malcolm Lincoln, followed by a Norwegian party at Ballroom. Here’s a couple of hightlights:

Malcolm Lincoln had a small selection of people, among them us, over for a concert. How lucky were we to see glorious Robin Juhkental swing the microphone over his head and even another couple of hotties in the back there. We now love the Estonian song even more.

-I wanna be a fool, not cool, Robin said as this picture was taken. We thought it was a tremendous idea. Check out our interview tomorrow.
At the Norwegian party, Alexander Rybak did an amazing performance and swung his fiddle like only he could do it. Whatta man he is.
And here’s another fantastic fiddler, Moa Meinich. Even though Alexander sings about loving her in his new single, he claims they are not a couple. But won’t you look at that connection? We think Alexander should get around to this very sweet girl if he hasn’t already. Because we love you Moa.
Not bad connection here either, as buddies Alexander Rybak and Didrik Solli-Tangen dreams away the Everly brothers way.
Didrik did the final version of My hard is yours – with choir for the first time. It did wonders to the song, and we are starting to believe Norway might have a good chance in the final.


And yay, there’s Michael von der Heide, the Swiss Sweetheart! He told us that Switzerland might consider withdrawing from ESC if the country fails to qualify for the final again. Now we can’t have that happening, can we. We will cast a vote for the Golden Boy next Thursday!


Posing effortlessly with our buddies from Eurovisionnorway.com. Lookin pretty fly with their glasses on!


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