Whatever happened to our judgment?

Sometimes, listening to a song many times can make it better, while other times it just burns an irreplaceable hole in your head. So, after giving you our honest opinion about the entries, and then listening to them for like a million times more, has anything changed? A little for some of the entries. Here’s the latest news from our changing minds, after the rehearsals have kicked off in Oslo.



We hated Russia. Kinda still do. But then we’ve hated it so much it has reached the level of something similar of a cult status with us. “What are you doing, man?” will certainly be a party one liner for the next couple of weeks and we will almost remember it when looking at a photo. At least this song has something quirky and funny about it, and that’s more than we can say about the other boring stuff.

There is something about Jon Lillygreen. He is really sweet and his voice sticks with us. We think this can be a popular song in the finals. Because after all, now it’s spring and everything looks a little better.

Disappointment from here to eternity after watching Milan Stankovic’s first rehearsal in Norway. The man is still glorious, but what happened to his glorious dancers? Looks like he switched two of the women for boring men. And the fantastic ethnic show gone as well? Shame, shame, shame, Serbia. You are in vain. We hope you’re fooling us, and will reveal the most ethnotastic show ever in the later rehearsals to come.

Sweden’s entry is working a little bit like their H&M clothing – nice, but wears out really quickly. Anna is still lovely, the song isn’t.

We’re loving the Siren of Estonia even more each day. Robin Juhkental is just so fine and dandy standing there bending his knees, moving in interesting ways and pointing his microphone everywhere. The song is a pearl that grows on you. Too bad the majority of the televoters don’t have time for that.

We’re so easily charmed it’s embarrassing some times. Poland’s happy joy joy singer running around loving his family and making video blogs is just so super charming we’re actually reconsidering the song and liking it a little bit more. So much for being tough critics.

Oh, God. We wish we didn’t like this tiring song. But there’s something about it that makes us want to play it every once in a while. We need music like this from time to time. And Jessy is still lovely. Really looking forward to seeing how this works live at least.

When we reviewed this song, we thought it was a little bit too forgettable and nice. But as we are approaching the finals and taking closer and closer looks at Harel, we realize this is some fine song we will never forget. We’ve tested it on 2 year olds and mother-in-laws and rock stars and they all like it, so we figure it suits many and is one tough challenge for the rest of the countries this year.

We just have to tell you: This song will always remain as horrible as the first time we heard it. For every breath you take, we will despise you even more. It’s pretentious, calculating and soulless. Sorry, neighbors. You’re a bore.

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