Best Eurovision moments so far in 2010

Eurovision week is rapidly approaching, and next week the rehearsals start. We’ll make sure to give you all the updates from when Europe comes to town, but what has already happened? Let’s share our favorite ESC moments in 2010 this far. 

Third time lucky? Sometimes it´s just really hard to make up your mind, just ask Bucks Fizz. You might also try asking the Ukrainians what went on during their national selection process. First there was Vasyl, exclaiming his sentiments like a love sick housecat below our bedroom windows at night. Oh please, give us a break we thought, and our prayers were heard, because all of a sudden he was replaced by Alyosha! As we were trying to get our head around the new entry “To be free”, they went ahead and changed it again, now what? Finally they ended up with “Sweet People” and not much hope for a sweet ending to the whole story in Oslo later this month.

Didrik planning his hard. We’re amazed by our very own Didrik Solli-Tangen and his crew’s cunning media strategies so far. According to, Didrik’s manager figured it all out last year. He could proudly announce to the press that they had been planning on doing something on the “My hard is yours” thing since last December. All the while the national selection semi final and final were on in January and February this year, GEE can only reach the conclusion that Didrik pronounced heart as hard on purpose. That’s quite a stretch to please the gay crowd and kudos from us!

Sieneke by the flip of a coin. It gave us a good laugh to find out that the Dutch contribution, one of this year’s biggest monstrosities, was selected by the flip of a coin! That’s just priceless. There were six acts performing the same song in a different style in the national final. Apparently the song’s creator, Smurf Abraham, had to decide the winner for himself since there was a tie among the different juries and they couldn’t make up their minds. He was reluctant at first and refused to tell which one he preferred above the others. Finally he smurfed a coin and Sieneke was the lucky bastard winning the lottery! A piece of advice for the Dutch for next year. Keep Smurf Abraham away from his wallet!

Harel announcing a bungee jump. He might think we didn’t catch it, but inn GEE we catch everything: While being announced a happy winner in Israel, Harel Skaat promised an Israeli TV presenter he will bungee jump from the Tel Aviv tower if he wins international ESC. Now, there’s a fair chance he might actually go ahead and charm all of Europe, so we will definitely be in Israel to watch him fly through the air. Amen to that.

Marcin just doing whatever. There has been a huge focus on different videos from the participants this year. Guess it’s all about sharing those little moments, and that has been a great experience. Our favorite one is from Poland – Marcin Mrozinski’s video blog, although we haven’t got the slightest clue why. We just know that if anyone else did all the stuff he is doing, we would have been bored to death. But with him it’s totally addictive. Guess it’s something about the extreme x factor of this man. Just keep on doing whatever. We’ll watch and love every moment.

Jurgis losing his passport. Oh dear, oh dear. Being stranded in Armenia without your passport doesn’t seem like the brightest of ideas. Lead singer of Lithuania’s InCulto, Jurgis Didziulis, kinda panicked calling both the consulate and the police when his passport was lost while charming everyone beneath the mountain of Ararat. Turned out the passport was in another band member’s pocket, so luckily they could move on to leaving their promo CD’s on the Copenhagen train. We find the whole goldfish behavior adorable, but maybe it is time for some practical help? We’d volunteer for sure.

Jostein announcing Norway as a favorite. Again. Jostein Pedersen has been our favorite TV presenter during Eurovision through all times, due to his fantastic trash talky style right up our alley. Eurovision on NRK is not really the same without him making headlines in Sweden because of a not so polite comment about their contestant. Sadly Jostein has now been pushed over to Norway’s largest tabloid, VG, where he settles for patriotism. It is a safe sign along with returning birds: When Jostein declares Norway as a favorite, Eurovision and spring is approaching. Oh, joy.

What’s your favorite moment so far?

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