Turkish delights, anyone?

If there’s one thing we can envy Turkey in this competition it has to be their undivided patriotism. Regardless of the music genre, quality or winning potential of their entry, there’s an almost touching consensus from Istanbul to Hamburg that this year Turkey has the best song ever and most definitely deserves to win. After the introduction of the televoting system this voice has been heard and materialized into a landslide of points on the scoreboard.

Good for them, we’d say, cause Turkey has had a lot of great entries in the past that would have deserved a better outcome than the so called expert juries gave them. Those who don’t understand the ESC greatness of “Bana Bana” from 89 and “Didai didai dai” from 85, just to mention a few, should not be allowed to vote, in our opinion.

Very well, Turkey has decided to be represented by the rock band maNga this year, and we suppose there’s bound to be a few of those every year. Thing is, rock bands rarely win, unless they’re dressed as orcs, and the best they can hope for is usually a decent result.

At first we mistook the band’s name for being Magma, and thought that was a red hot name for a rock band. However it turned out our perception was just heavily influenced by a certain volcano in Iceland. But by all means, maNga is not such a shabby band name either. The guys in the band look rock chic, however perhaps a bit too groomed to our taste. And “We could be the same” isn’t half bad, but to us it just sounds pretty average, main stream and radio friendly. And we have kinda heard it all before. Perhaps not in Eurovision, but lets say around 2001 with the likes of Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park.

We appreciate the fact that Turkey adds to the variety of music genres in this year’s competition. MaNga will probably perform well, being a professional and experienced band, and we hope for a spectacular show in Telenor Arena. But this is not a winning act in our eyes.

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