Slovenian contest

Folk music or Slovenian rock, which do you prefer? None, thank you.

15 times Slovenia has participated since that rainy day in 1993. 15 times of everything from pretty cool ethnochic tunes to not so cool bikerdudes, from screaming divas to way too energetic, ecstatic technofreaks. They have also given us some cool things, though. Of course, being royalists and all, we couldn’t stop loving the queens of all stewardesses in 2002 with their fantastic outfits and choir of elegant captains. And a pretty nice ballad came our way back in 1998, when long hair was the solution for every man thinning on top. Unfortunately the total impression was totally ruined by some horrible pink disco stuff from that not so warm summer night of 2003 and a duet so bad it actually could have been quite funny if it wasn’t for the badbad lyrics in 2004. So much variation in 15 participations without nailing it once. It is actually impressive for such a small country.

This year it seems like the Slovenians have given up ESC and just decided to take their own competition to stage – the war between rock and Slovenian folk. Guess that is some hard battle in Slovenia, but we others really don’t understand it. Just like we don’t understand why young, beautiful and classy women always end up with trashy old rock stars. The moment you think you have figured out this song, it changes. And it keeps going like that. Thank God only six people are allowed on stage.

We don’t know if this is fun or funny or cool or uncool. There is just too much going on on stage for us to make up our minds. Guess it’ll get us moving, though, and we do appreciate pretty much everything that is not super slow this year, so welcome you shall be.

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